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Aaron Moore

  • Nick: McAden
  • Position: Founder, Project Leader
  • Responsibilities: Team Management, Lead Programmer, Modeler, Animator
  • Skills: Software Design, Programming, Modeling, Animation
  • Bio: Aaron has had a long standing passion with computers and video games. He's a graduate from Harding University with a degree in Computer Science minoring in Fine Art. Since October of 2005 he has devoted his time to game and web development in both programming and art.

Rae Melton

  • Nick: littleraeofsun
  • Position: Artist/Scripter
  • Responsibilities: User-interface artwork and scripting
  • Skills: Programming, Art, Flash Animation, Actionscript
  • Bio: Rae currently works for Harding University's ITS department and is working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Math and Computer Science. She enjoys bridging the gaps between art and programming, particularly user interfaces and web design. Oddly enough, she currently develops database applications for the registrar of the university, but still enjoys the casual project on the side.

Christy Leach

  • Nick: Furrama
  • Position: Artist/Graphic Designer/Writer/Intern
  • Responsibilities: Visuals
  • Skills: Art, Design, Writing
  • Bio: PUDDING! ((Coming soon))